In November 2011, we set off to visit the forgotten Royal Air Force dishes,
dumped in Stenigot, on a remote field between Lincoln and Louth, Lincolnshire.

The journey was long, and after the last bus ride we finally walked over the plowed field, that led to these immense divulging dishes. We were stopped by Paul, a farmer who in the end gave us permission to use this incredible instrument for our harmonium experiments. We wanted to capture a sampling of different acoustics. The vibration of the dish, the hollow sound that the dish generated, and the dry acoustic of the field.

This project is meant to be a series of investigations of sites all over England, that have lost their original function and meaning, and now stands as sculptures in the landscape and potential instruments. Next site is the Denge sound mirrors near Dungeness.

Sound: Divulging Dishes no. 1

In collaboration with
Anders Brasch-Willumsen.