The project was part of the exhibition; 'A Handful of Darkness', which was a collaboration between artist group AVPD, The Royal Danish Academy of Art school of Architecture and the Institute for Arts and Culture, University of Copenhagen. The exhibition consisted of 6 meta-architectures, which all functioned in a darkened room.

The aim was to describe a space entirely by using sounds, in an exploration and manipulation of acoustics and notations. The installation generated an interaction and a constantly slipping between standing on the inside and outside of the space. The layout of the space was experienced as a sound collage - a score that represented the fixed frame. The sound dictated flows, in terms of pace, stop and pause, that on the one hand were linear, and on the other hand, appeared as sudden and random events vibrating against, and shifting between each other. The audience didn't follow any fixed choreography - boundaries were fluid and movements generated the composition, the collage. The sounds were recordings of real sounds. They were processed, transformed and distorted in an iterative process. In the end the sound collage would appear unrecognizable and synthetic.

The layered sounds in Lyd Skab:

Iterated keyboard sounds1

Iterated keyboard sounds2

Iterated keyboard sounds3

Panning wall sound

The project was programmed by Rune Søchting.