I developed a project proposal about a seasonal theatre pavilion, 'Teaterpavillonen', at Pücklers bastion in Østre Anlæg in the historic fortification around Copenhagen. The bastion is a place which is at the same time close and remote to the city. I wanted to celebrate the forgotten place, while leaving a minimal footprint on the historical bastion. The sun would be the only light source on stage, and therefor it was set in a specific season, from June-August. My aim with the project was to create a demanding prop for actors and audiences- a laboratory to investigate new relationship between place, space and performance. The bastion is an 15 meters tall embankment, and is the most well-preserved bastion in Copenhagen. In 1919 a railway was established which detached the road from the park. Today the bastion stands as one of the most unknown and hidden,

as a plateau under the sky,

dominated by the Denmark Monument,

detached yet close to the city.

These were the 3 themes that would begin to give shape to the 3 main stages in my theatre pavilion:

The Sky Stage

The Monument Stage

The City Stage


        The old Copenhagen city wall    The railway established in 1919    The arrival to the site    On the plateau at the bastion    Sky, Monument and City    Book, Flow and Pavillion    Developing the 3 stages    The Sky stage              The Monument stage              The City stage