The project was a building with the counter programme of a space for remediation between a victim and the matching offender and a theatre for the developing and rehearsal of plays.

The building was situated on the corner of Shoreditch High street and Commercial street, a site that once housed The Shoreditch railway Station. The site was significant in its visual approach to its surroundings and to London in general and the notion of scale was ambiguous. As one of the only sites in mid London, it had a large unused hinterland raised 6 meters above street level.

The Mediation Centre aimed to enhance the urban landscape. It brought together our two spatial intents: the idea of the deformation and the idea of the blur. The project focused on how to perceive spatial depth through blur.
An initial inspiration was the water colours of JMW Turner. Turner painted his landscapes in layers of apparently flat surfaces in a subtle motion along the picture plane representing the foreground, the middle ground and the background of the spatial depth.

The project was made in collaboration with Johan Hybschmann.