The suitcase is a bag, with the fittings of a bag, as well as a hall and an observation shell, where I could take some of the parts of and manipulate the light in the box. It was an aim that all scales in the project were mixed together in the process. Details, which later would be shown in my construction solutions, were also the fittings from the suitcase.

I rearranged the plates and leather-straps, and investigated how, when I awry buttoned the plates with the straps, I observed that the structure became stable, and I was able to manipulate it according to my will. I could make any configuration I wished when I departed from the rules. I also tried the same with a thread-model, where I sowed the pages together with the threads. In that model, the flexibility was more restricted, stability was more difficult to achieve, and the connections were fixed.

A further iteration of the props was an investigation of the ability to generate access. By integrating stairs into the plates and linking the planes together in a awry button manner, a landscape of tilted planes was generated. Some stairs would function as intended and some would disappear below the plates as support, to be rediscovered in a new assembly.