'...I have noticed a number of other people in the space, but my attention is still drawn to the woman in the stalls. She is the one closest to the balloon, which has now become so big that it almost covers her. She seems determined to stay in her seat. Now she has disappeared beneath it. A man further back gets up and moves to one side to avoid the expanding volume.
It's now so large that I'm at eye level with it at the 2nd floor balcony. I'm imagining how it would be like, being the woman up close to it, an expanse of fabric, pushing me back in my seat. Imagining being on my hands and knees, between the rows of seats beneath this inflated membrane. I feel an echo of my fears of being trapped. The balloon suddenly something permanent, something stuck, gathering dust like the cushioned seats and the gilded ornaments. Taking the audience captive and rendering the building useless...'

(From the story The Balloon & Old Stage, a part of the exhibition and book release, Our Times - no. 1 - 2012, at the gallery Kooh-I-Noor in Copenhagen.
A project developed in collaboration with
Christian Skovgaard.)